Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thor & Hellboy


Blogger Kristen McCabe said...

Jeez! You're posts keep getting Better and Better! There's just soooo much eye candy on your site. I'm loving the markers. I like how you did the bg with the splash of purple and black. gahhh! I can't wait to see what you post next.

PS: Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog :)

4:26 am  
Blogger DW said...

Kristen - Thank you SO much! You have no idea how much that means to me. I admire your work so it's great to know you like what I'm doing too :)

4:37 am  
Blogger TOM REBELLO said...

these are both awesome but the thor is radtastic

4:20 pm  
Blogger Mad Cat Quilts said...

This Hellboy is freakin' awesome!
I loce octopi!
Thanks for being a great great friend!

9:16 pm  
Blogger DW said...

Thank you Tom :)

Mo - no need to thank me for that! (but the same goes to you too) :)

3:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this Thor. His mighty armpit shading is most impressive. Most impressive.

12:58 pm  
Blogger DW said...

Hey Scott! So good to see you in here - thanks :)

1:41 pm  

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